Charles Schumer Reelected Senate Minority Leader Unanimously


Charles Schumer Reelected Senate Minority Leader Unanimously

Charles Schumer rallies the troops

In a unanimous vote, Democratic Senators have decided that Charles Schumer will continue to serve as their leader. The senior Senator from New York has been in the Senate since 1999.

Today the Democrats are still in the minority in the U.S. Senate. The new Senate will be seated next January third, but we still do not know which party will hold the majority when that happens.

As of now the two parties have an equal number of seats in the Senate. But that will change after the State of Georgia runoff elections for both of its Senate seats which were both open this year.

The Democrats would only need a 50-50 split in the Senate to take control of that branch of the Congress because the Vice-President, as President of the Senate, is constitutionally mandated to break any ties. So Vice-President Harris would obviously vote for the Democrats to control the Senate.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia told The Hill, “There’s nobody who works harder than Chuck, there’s nobody who tries to listen to more people than Chuck.”

About the meeting of the Senate Democratic caucus Senator Dianne Feinstein of California said, “Nothing was really discussed. We’ll have more discussion later.”

Senator Schumer is doing his part to see that Joe Biden’s transition to the Presidency moves ahead swiftly and properly. Chuck Schumer responded to a reporter’s question about comments from Secretary of State Mike Pompeo about continuing to challenge the results of last week’s Presidential election.

“Look at reality. Secretary Pompeo, Joe Biden has won,” said Schumer. “He’s won the election. Now move on. Let’s bring this country together and get things done. We have a COVID crisis raging. We don’t have time for these kinds of games.”

Senator Schumer also tweeted, “Joe Biden will be the next President. Kamala Harris will be the next Vice President. More than 76 million Americans voted them into office. That’s more than any ticket in our nation’s history.”

On a lighter note, Senator Schumer praised the new ownership of the New York Mets for deciding to keep the minor league baseball team the Binghamton Rumble Ponies as an affiliate.

The senator stated:

“After over a year of advocating to preserve the Binghamton Rumble Ponies, and working directly with the Mets and Major League Baseball (MLB) to ensure that MLB affiliated minor league baseball continues to be played in the Southern Tier, today is a monumental step in the right direction and nothing short of a homerun for the Mets, Rumble Ponies, and baseball fans throughout the region. The Rumble Ponies have done a tremendous job weaving themselves into the very fabric of Binghamton. That rich history will be unbroken and the love for the game can continue to be discovered and nurtured right here in the Carousel Capital. I have and will continue to work closely with the Mets, including their new owner Mr. Cohen, all local leaders and stakeholders to step up to the plate and ensure a successful season of our national pastime in Binghamton.”