Chechen President Pays Millions To Buy Brides For 207 Grooms


A strongman ruler of a Russian region is offering to help men struggling to make traditional pre-nuptial payments due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Coronavirus crisis has affected the wedding industry in the Russian Republic, leaving many families with no financial capacity to afford a traditional bride-buying ceremony by the groom.

In a controversial move worldwide Chechnya President Ramzan Kadyrov has pledged more than 10 million rubles to help 207 grooms buy the brides. The money will come from the Ahmed Kadyrov Foundation, the first president of the Republic, and the father of the incumbent president, Russia’s official news agency RIA Novosti reports.

Each of the bridegrooms will get 50,000 roubles (more than $700), the agency says.

The traditional Kalym payments are known as “Urdu” is actually a gesture originating in Central Asia, where the groom’s family pays the bride’s parents a monetary sum to let her go and marry the man shed loves. Tradition is defined as the first donation to the marriage and the money is ultimately transferred straight to the bride.

The announcement came two weeks after Chechnya authorities announced that a marriage restriction in the country imposed on April 13 had been lifted. However, the current Mufti again mentioned that because of the Coronavirus eruption, the number of participants in the ceremony will be limited to first-class relatives only – and the traditional bridal caravan will be limited to only two vehicles.

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