Cheesy Greek Triangles Are the Perfect Savory Bite for Purim

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Tiropitakia, “little cheese pies” in Greek, are feta-filled, phyllo-wrapped bundles. They come in a variety of shapes, and are often formed into triangles. The Greek-speaking Romaniote Jewish community from the Eastern Mediterranean is known for preparing a range of phyllo and cheese-stuffed pastries for holidays and Shabbat. Thankfully, their recipes have been documented in the “Cookbook of the Jews of Greece” by Nicholas Savroulakis, a cookbook that I return to time and time again. 

On one reading, it occurred to me that this type of pastry could be ideal for Purim. When they’re formed into triangles, they resemble Haman’s triangular hat (or, according to Israelis, his ears) in the same manner as hamantaschen. These feta phyllo bundles benefit from the addition of sweet floral honey, a satisfying contrast to the savory, tangy feta filling, nutty sesame topping and buttery, crackly exterior. 

This is a great recipe to make for a crowd as you can prepare the pastries in advance. Simply freeze the prepared triangles in a single layer if you’re making them ahead, and bake them straight from the freezer when you’re ready.

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