Cloud-first programming WingLang raises $20 million in investment


In today’s fast-paced digital landscape, we rely on countless online services, from streaming movies and music to managing our finances and connecting with loved ones. Behind the scenes, these services are powered by a critical technology: cloud computing. For less tech-savvy folk, the behind-the-scenes technical jargon surrounding cloud technology might sound intimidating, but the impact of cloud computing is far-reaching and directly affects the convenience and reliability of the digital services we use every day.

In an effort to positively affect that convenience and reliability, Israeli start-up Wing Cloud has officially launched out of stealth mode after securing a hefty $20 million seed investment. The company’s open-sourced programming language, “Winglang” aims to make it easy to build and deploy distributed systems on the cloud. It does this by providing infrastructure and code optimized for various compute platforms.

With its debut product, Wing Cloud hopes to enable developers to quickly and easily build and deploy complex distributed systems on the cloud — a feat which has become a hot commodity thanks to the consistent popularity of cloud technology.

“We’re abstracting away a lot of the gritty details of building applications on top of cloud infrastructure. The cloud has evolved into an incredibly powerful computing platform, but customers still find themselves having to deal with burdensome tasks across security, networking, deployment, and operations to build and manage even the simplest systems,” said Elad Ben-Israel, CEO and Co-Founder of Wing Cloud.

Smoothing out the cloud

Imagine cloud infrastructure as the invisible backbone of the internet, connecting vast networks of powerful computers around the world. These computers store and manage the data and applications that drive everything from social media to online shopping and beyond. Without this underlying infrastructure, accessing our favorite apps and websites would be slow, unreliable, and cumbersome.

Illustrative photo of digital files. (credit: PIQSELS)

Winglang was designed to empower developers to build smarter, faster, and more efficient online services — this means potentially much faster loading, smoother streaming, and less crashing.

Lotan Levkowitz, Co-Founder and General Partner at Grove Ventures, highlighted the significance of reducing complexity in cloud development. “Wing Cloud is poised to revolutionize software development by reducing complexity and optimizing work processes for cloud developers,” she said.

Much of the innovation that Wing Cloud offers is happening behind the scenes — at least from the perspective of the common consumer — but it’s likely to have a considerable impact on that consumer’s everyday life. Efficient cloud infrastructure is crucial to the daily lives of common individuals, and its seamless operation greatly enhances the way we live, work, and connect in the modern digital age.