Construction in the North Continues: New tender for 200 Kiryat Ata apart


The Israel Lands Authority has announced an online tender for the purchase of lease rights for the construction of 200 residential and commercial units in Kiryat Ata. The plot being marketed in this tender is part of the main urban axis plan, located in the northern region around Kiryat Ata and spanning approximately 678 dunams. 

This marketing initiative involves Plot 201 for the construction of 200 protected housing units with a commercial frontage of around 6.7 dunams. In addition to the residential properties, the neighborhood will also include integrated areas for commercial and industrial purposes, covering approximately 262 dunams, road infrastructure spanning around 226 dunams, and open spaces of about 87 dunams. 

The winning bidder will be responsible for development expenses and levies as specified in the tender booklet. The deadline for submitting proposals is March 4, 2024, at 12:00 PM. It is worth noting that the Israel Lands Authority recently announced a tender for the construction of 524 residential units in two complexes in Ofakim for special housing, commercial, and public buildings. 

Furthermore, Ramat Negev Regional Council is marketing two complexes for light industry and manufacturing, forming part of an integrated complex with approximately 7,400 housing units, including 524 protected housing units, an employment area, a park quarter, commercial areas, and public buildings.