Delicious Experience And Delicious Israel Teach You To Cook Jewish And Israeli Dishes Like A Pro


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Do you want to learn how to make your own realistic Jewish dishes or Israeli cuisine? Try Delicious Experience. If you want to learn about wine tasting, cocktails or exotic cuisines, try Delicious Experience.

Inbal Baum founded Delicious Experience. A decade ago she was a practicing lawyer who, one day, decided to follow her passion for food and cooking. That’s when she founded Delicious Israel which lets people from around the world experience the best of Israeli dining. But then the Corona Virus hit and so she remade the company as Delicious Experience.

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If you go to the Delicious Israel website you will be given the opportunity to take virtual Israeli food tours or virtual Israeli cooking classes. Before Covid-19 hit there were opportunities for taking part in real food tours to places like Jerusalem’s famed open outdoor Mahane Yehudah Market and Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market.

Delicious Experience, however, offers cooking class from almost forty different chefs from around the world. The individual on line classes can cost as little as $180 and as much as $1100. So since you can’t travel, can’t enjoy a nice restaurant, you can at least enjoy the food you might have had you gone out or travelled to places like Israel. You just use the money which you are saving because everything is closed thanks to the Corona Virus on Delicious Experience.

One to try is Jew-ish Cooking at Home with Chef Jake Cohen. For $375 “Nice Jewish Boy” Jake Cohen will walk you through a curated menu of approachable recipes to make at home. This workshop promises to give you an exclusive preview of recipes from his upcoming cookbook, Jew-ish, to be published in the spring of 2021. Jake says that he will have you cooking a mix of Ashkenazi, Sephardic, and American-Jewish dishes that are sure to become standbys in your home—whether you’re Jewish, Jew-ish, or something else entirely.

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Delicious Experience offers different ways to enjoy its classes. Private lets you have a live one on one session with the chef of your choice. You will work together with him or her to make a dish just for you. With Customizable you can communicate with the chef and then be given the recipe for a meal tailored to your specifications. And with Virtual you will be able to follow the chef via a Zoom link.

“Really insanely great chefs were very open to doing this,” Inbal Baum told the Jewish News. “A lot of these chefs see their own futures in some kind of online format, and so this is a perfect way to give them a platform to start off that process.”

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Delicious Experiences was founded by the owners of a leading culinary tour company. They spent over a decade perfecting the art of connecting with others and creating lifelong memories over shared food and stories.

Delicious Experiences’ founders say that it was born of a desire not only to boost the hospitality and travel industries in light of the devastating COVID-19 pandemic but also to feed that fundamental human yearning for connection. Delicious Experiences brings people together for intimate, person-to-person experiences that fill hearts and bellies, spark minds, and nourish souls.

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