Discount Bank CEO Uri Levin quits, to be CEO of Tidhar Real Estate Group


The bank was honored to announce that the CEO of the Discount Group, Mr. Uri Levin, has announced his intention to end his tenure after nine years. 

Levin held senior positions in the management of the bank and the group, including about 3.5 years as CEO. It was reported that the date of the end of his term hasn’t yet been determined.

Who is Uri Levin?

Levin was appointed CEO of the Discount Group in July 2019 after holding senior management positions in the group, including CEO of Discount New York. 

Levin stated that his last professional decade was entirely dedicated to the wonderful journey that the Discount Group went through until it became a powerful and dominant body that challenges the financial system in Israel. 

URI LEVIN (credit: Courtesy)

He added: “We built growth engines, streamlined the group and presented unprecedented results compared to where Discount was just a decade ago.”

Recently, Levin shared the warnings of economists and bank managers against the legal reform proposals and told PM Netanyahu in January: “It’s impossible to ignore all the economists who express such great concern about the moves, so you must stop immediately and promote changes only with caution and a broad consensus. Maybe we’re wrong and you’re right, but the price of your mistake can be a fatal blow to democracy and the economy.”