Dutch Parliament Ceases Foreign Aid to Palestinian Authority


Photo Credit: Oromiya321/Wikimedia Commons

The Palestinian Authority government’s silence over the murder of Dvir Sorek, a Jewish teenager, sends one clear message to the Palestinian public: It is fine to kill a Jew. At the Bir Zeit University (pictured), students celebrated the murder by handing out candies and praising the terrorists.

The Palestinian Authority government has lost another international supporter thanks to its relentless commitment to murdering its Jewish neighbors.

The parliament of the Netherlands has voted to halt its foreign aid to the Palestinian Authority in a vote that passed this week. The funds total approximately $1.5 million annually.



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It’s been a difficult week for Palestinian Authority relations with the Netherlands.

Netherlands Challenges EU Order to Label Israeli ‘Settlement’ Products

Earlier in the week, Dutch politician Joël Voordewind submitted a motion that challenges the Court of Justice of the European Union’s (CJEU) verdict that pertains solely to Israeli products and does not apply to all other disputed areas.

The current vote on halting assistance refers to aid that was intended to pay the salaries of staff in the PA Justice Ministry. Dutch lawmakers became aware that invariably, some of the funds inevitably ended up in the budget for convicted terrorists incarcerated in Israel “who commit terrifying acts of murder.”

The Palestinian Authority pays approximately $15 million a month to families of terrorists imprisoned in the Jewish State, or who died while attempting to kill Israelis. Known outside the PA as its “Pay to Slay” policy, the monthly stipends are generous and quite often total more than the average Arab employee’s salary. Combined with incessant government-sponsored incitement on radio, television, in school and via social media, young teens as well as adults in debt are often inspired to attempt terror attacks on Israelis, if only to win a generous income for their families.

Despite attempts by Dutch officials to discuss the situation with Palestinian Authority counterparts, little was accomplished, according to the Dutch government, which said in a statement quoted by Aljazeera, “Although the talks with the Palestinian Authority were constructive about this, it did not lead to the desired result and, therefore, the Netherlands will no longer contribute to salaries in the justice sector.”

According to Aljazeera, the Netherlands “still contributes millions of dollars – paid through European channels – in development assistance designed to help the Palestinian economy and refugees.”

The Dutch government will reportedly contribute $13 million in the 2020 budget toward the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA). The UN agency still continues to perpetuate the refugee status of generations of descendants of those who fled and were forced out of their homes when Israel’s Arab neighbors attempted to annihilate the Jewish State during the 1948 War of Independence and the 1967 Six Day War.


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