Elbit Systems Acquires BAE Systems Rokar for $31 Million


Elbit Systems Acquires BAE Systems Rokar for $31 Million

Elbit has also made deals with German police.

Israel’s Elbit Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ:ESLT and TASE: ESLT) (“Elbit Systems”) ha acquired BAE Systems Rokar International Ltd. (“Rokar”) from BAE Systems, Inc., the U.S. headquartered subsidiary of BAE Systems plc (LON: BA) for approximately $31 million net of any cash in Rokar. Located in Jerusalem, Israel, Rokar specializes in the development, manufacture, integration, and support of high-end GPS receivers and guidance systems for advanced defense applications.

BAE Systems ROKAR specializes in the field of electronic countermeasures and smart dispensing systems. Within this, the company stands behind the development and production of its Advanced Countermeasures Dispensing System (ACDS), a computer controlled, threat-adaptive countermeasure system intended to protect aircraft from both air and ground threats, through the use of decoy payloads. This system is capable of controlling and distributing multiple Flare, RF and additional types of expendable payloads, in order to provide multi-spectral response when needed, and in accordance to programs that adapt to both parameters of the engagement and specific threats.

Bezhalel (Butzi) Machlis, Elbit Systems President & CEO, commented: “There is increasing demand for our networked precision fire solutions. Rokar’s technologies are integrated in our solutions and the acquisition will further enhance our capabilities in this growing area of activity.”

Meanwhile, Elbit Systems Deutschland was selected by the Procurement Office of the German Federal Ministry of the Interior, after a competitive tender procedure, to supply XACT nv33 Night Vision Goggles (NVGs) for the German Federal Police.

The Special Forces and Special Operation Units of the Federal Police are facing new threats and complex scenarios from organized crime and international terrorism. The XACT nv33 NVG will supports the officers’ in the fight against crime across Germany, as they will be equipped with the ability to operate during the nights, which is an essential requirement.

This decision by the German Federal Police follows another satisfied German customer – the German Armed Forces – that are already using the XACT nv33 NVG in various missions. The XACT product family have already been selected by a number of undisclosed NATO countries among them Germany and the Netherlands, as well as the Israeli and the Australian Armed Forces.

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