Elbit unveils new capabilities to counter drones, anti-aircraft missiles


Elbit Systems unveiled new products to counter drone threats and anti-aircraft missiles on Thursday ahead of the Paris Airshow which begins next week.

The Israeli defense electronics company revealed a new Electronic Warfare (EW) capability which uses the digital radar warning receiver, part of Elbit’s self-protection EW suite, to enable the detection and identification of drones, as well as locating Personal Location Beacons of ground forces and pilots.

Elbit’s EW suite is operation on hundreds of aircraft and includes an EW controller, a digital radar warning receiver, an IR missile warning system, laser warning systems, a counter measure dispenser system, directed IR countermeasures, and an electronic counter measure jammer.

The new capabilities added to the suite help protect aircraft from the increasing threat posed by drones in modern warfare and help save time and resources when conducting a search and rescue mission.

“We are proud to enable our customers high-end protection capabilities to increase their platform survivability and aircrew safety,” said Oren Sabag, general manager of Elbit Systems ISTAR & EW. “We will continue to invest significant R&D efforts to supply the most advanced, cutting edge and cost-effective solutions guaranteeing comprehensive protection and mission success.”

Elbit System’s electronic warfare suite which can now detect drones and locate beacons of personnel. (credit: ELBIT SYSTEMS)

Smart RF decoy protects aircraft against missiles

Elbit also unveiled its Nano SPEAR ultra-smart RF decoy which serves as a countermeasure against air-to-air and surface-to-air missiles.

The Nano SPEAR is part of the Self Protection Electronic Attack and Reconnaissance (SPEAR) product family, which includes the Micro SPEAR for small equipment and Light SPEAR for medium-large sized helicopters and UAVS. The product line also includes the Advanced SPEAR ECM Pod, which provides active self-protection for the C-390 transport aircraft.

The Nano SPEAR uses the aircraft’s existing dispensing system to independently lure away hostile radar-guided missiles. The decoy weighs less than 800 grams and features an advanced digital receiver, digital radio frequency memory, and a EW technique generator, enabling it to handle the most advanced radar threats.