Facebook Is Transforming WhatsApp, Adding WhatsApp Business App


WhatsApp will charge businesses and allow for more commercial activity.

WhatsApp is changing. Facebook intends to make its service currently used for messaging and phone/video calls a more commercial service.

Currently Facebook’s other app based business, Instagram, has been used to generate revenue with embedded targeted advertising aimed at its users. Also, celebrities and so called influencers use it to make a lot of money by promoting products and events.

Until now, WhatsApp has been more about letting people communicate with one another, like with Facebook’s Messenger App. The two differ in one important way: Messenger only works if you have a Facebook account. WhatsAppp lets you communicate with anyone who has the app included on their phone as long as you know their phone number.

In a BlogPost WhatsApp said:

“The global pandemic has made clear that businesses need fast and efficient ways to service their customers and make sales. WhatsApp has become a simple and convenient resource in this time. More than 175 million people every day message a WhatsApp Business account. Our research shows people prefer to message a business to get help and they’re more likely to make a purchase when they can do so.

“For the last two years, we’ve provided the WhatsApp Business app and WhatsApp Business API to help businesses of all sizes manage their chats. We’ve listened to feedback on what’s worked and believe WhatsApp can help make messaging the best way for consumers and businesses to connect.”

Facebook needs to find new ways to make money from WhatsApp. It paid $16 billion for the company back in 2016.

The new WhatsApp Business App will allow companies to communicate directly with their customers. CNBC reports that the company charges businesses to send certain messages to customers. These include things like boarding passes or product receipts.

But such companies surely have their clients’ phone numbers already and can simply send them the same information through text messaging.

So the question here is what exactly the new WhatsApp service offers that is worth paying for?

But there is some good news for all WhatsApp users. Its Android App will offer some services currently available only to iPhone users.

Specifically, Android users will soon be able to utilize facial recognition sensors to unlock the app.

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