Forbes Lists Three Israeli Inventions in ‘Most Important New Weapons of the Decade’


Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson’s Office

The Trophy System creates a protective dome which shields tanks from anti-tank missiles.

Israel continues to be a world leader and innovator in the weapons industry.  Forbes lists three Israeli inventions among “the 12 most important new weapons of the decade.”

During the 2010s, warfare was transformed according to Forbes Magazine.   Tech innovations moved the battlefield online, and drones changed the battlefield on the ground. Forbes listed the most important new weapons systems deployed or developed during the decade.


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Forbes featured Stuxnet, a malicious computer worm used in a cyber-attack against Iran’s nuclear program in 2010.  Stuxnet was allegedly launched by Israel and the US.  Forbes also cited two defensive systems developed by the Israeli Rafael Advanced Defense Systems.

According to Forbes, Stuxnet was the “first known state campaign of cyberwarfare.”  Stuxnet is thought to have been in development since 2005. The computer worm targeted Iran’s advanced computer systems and caused substantial damage to their nuclear program.

Israel’s Iron Dome Missile Defense System is the only missile defense system to be included on the Forbes list. The magazine said that “given doubts over missile defense systems, Israel’s Iron Dome was a milestone, proving effective against slow, short-range Palestinian rockets.”

The Iron Dome has saved countless lives endangered by rocket attacks from Gaza since 2011.  The system has an incredible 95% success rate.

The third Israeli innovation to make the list was the Trophy Active Protection System for tanks.  The Trophy System uses a shotgun-like blast to destroy incoming missiles, rockets, and other projectiles.

“Israel lost 50 tanks to Hezbollah in 2006, but none in the 2014 Hamas war thanks to Trophy, which fires explosives to destroy incoming rockets. The US has equipped Abrams tanks with it,” Forbes wrote.

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems responded to Forbes’ listing their developments, saying they are “Proud and satisfied they chose our systems for the list, and more importantly, we are proud to produce systems that save Israeli lives every day.”

“We are looking forward to a new decade of action, new systems and developments, and, most importantly – to continue to protect our country’s security,” they added.


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