Fyber N.V Ad Tech Co Bought Out for $$600 Million by Digital Turbine


Fyber N.V Ad Tech Co Bought Out for $$600 Million by Digital Turbine

Fyber helps app developers make money.

Digital Turbine, Inc. (Nasdaq: APPS), is set to acquire the German-Israeli company Fyber N.V. for $600 million: $150 million in cash, $400 million in shares and $50 million in shares depending on future revenue. Fyber offers a platform to aid app developers monetize their products and to optimize profitability through quality advertising.

It is interesting that Fyber is itself now being acquired by a larger entity as it has itself made three acquisitions in the past, Heyzap, Inneractive and Falk Realtime.

Fyber N.V. boasts that it empowers app developers and digital publishers to generate business-critical revenue streams with targeted advertising, enabling them to optimize the yield they generate from advertising. The company’s technology infrastructure reaches more than one billion monthly active users, providing a channel-neutral open-access platform for advertisers and publishers. It enables cross-device advertising with a global reach and a strong focus on video.

“We are very excited to welcome Fyber to the Digital Turbine team,” said Digital Turbine CEO, Bill Stone. “Combined with our recently announced AdColony and Appreciate acquisitions, Fyber represents an extremely valuable puzzle piece for Digital Turbine to strategically assemble one of the largest full-stack mobile advertising solutions in the industry that will be advantageously positioned to leverage the Company’s vast device distribution footprint and array of innovative products, such as Single-Tap. We believe that we will have all of the critical elements of a truly unique next-generation ad-tech ecosystem that, once integrated, will enable Digital Turbine to play a far more prominent and profitable role in the fast-growing and secularly-thriving $200+ billion mobile advertising and connected TV marketplace.”

“We are thrilled to become part of the team at Digital Turbine,” said Ziv Elul, CEO of Fyber. “Fyber completed an amazing turnaround story and became a key monetization partner for top publishers in 2020. Our focus on publishers, transparency and unbiased approach plays very well with Digital Turbine’s vision and what the market wants. Digital Turbine’s on-device platform is a unique asset that offers tremendous synergies that our own products will be able to leverage and continue our exponential growth. Combined with the AdColony and Appreciate assets, we offer a unique and profitable growth platform. Most importantly, we are very encouraged about the similar workplace cultures and approaches that should facilitate a more seamless integration of the businesses.”

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