Israel’s Axis Security Provides Cybersecurity Services for the Cloud


Israel’s Axis Security Provides Cybersecurity Services for the Cloud

The company just raised another $50 million.

Axis Security Founders CEO Dor Knafo and CTO Gil Azrielant

Israel Cybersecurity startup Axis Security Inc. promises to protect your business as it does business in the cloud. Its solution is Application Access Cloud which the company says has a unique architecture that makes it simple to deploy, use, and manage while delivering more secure access. The company just raised $50 million in series C funding led by new investor Spark Capital, which had previously invested in Twitter, Tumblr, and Slack. Axis has raised $100 million to date.

Founded in 2018 by its CEO Dor Knafo and CTO Gil Azrielant, Axis Security boasts that it can enable any organization to “quickly deliver tightly managed global access to employees, partners and other stakeholders through a purpose-built zero-trust cloud security platform.” Unlike legacy solutions that create excess access and unnecessary risk, Axis Security declares that its unique Application Isolation Technology “assures access to only the resources required.”

Cybersecurity is more important than ever. Hackers are not only motivated by money or politics. They often just like being malicious. So even small companies need to be on their guard and be sure to properly protect their systems.

And everything is going into the cloud these days. Do you use Google Docs, or any of the other Google services? Well then all of your files are stored in servers located around the world. The same thing is also now true with MS Office which offers customers cloud based software services. Notebook computers have always had a limited storage capacity. And more and more people are switching to tablets which do not offer the same services as a computer. So cloud services will soon be standard.

Cloud security, in turn, refers to the technologies, policies, controls, and services that protect cloud data, applications, and infrastructure from threats.

Dor Knafo explained how the Coronavirus pandemic affected his business. “When the pandemic hit, the impact of work-from-anywhere was immediate and profound, and organizations trying to scale legacy access technologies really struggled,” he explained. “Axis was well positioned and within months we were enabling secure remote access for hundreds of thousands of users and millions of connections. The Application Access Cloud functions as a logical overlay, greatly reducing risk and significantly strengthening security. This technology has the capability to significantly reduce growing cyber threats such as those enabled by the recent SolarWinds and Microsoft email server breaches.”

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