Goldknopf: Response to terrorism – building homes in Binyamin


In response to the recent attack at the Parsa intersection in Benjamin, where Sgt.-Maj. Ilay David Garfinkel was killed and six others were wounded, Housing and Construction Minister Yitzhak Goldknopf is urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to expedite the relocation of the Sde Ephraim settlement near the incident site.

Goldknopf, who is also leader of the haredi United Torah Judaism Party, emphasizes that the settlement, currently in the regularization process, is slated for thousands of housing units.

In a post on X shortly after the attack, Goldknopf stated: “Praying for the injured in today’s attack. It occurred near Sde Ephraim, a settlement in the regularization process where we’re advancing the construction of thousands of housing units. Urging the Prime Minister to expedite settlement regularization.”

Sde Ephraim sits centrally in West Binyamin, amidst the settlements of Nili, Nala, and Gush Dolev-Talmonim. The Housing Ministry and Binyamin Council have collaborated to finalize plans for the settlement and post-government approval. Binyamin Council head Israel Gantz, echoed the call, urging Netanyahu and Defense Minister Yoav Gallant to hasten processes and greenlight settlement establishment.

“Following a grave attack in Dolev-Talmonim, the response to terrorism must involve military action, altering strategies to confront terrorist strongholds,” Gantz said. “Our response must involve bolstering presence. I urge the PM and defense minister to honor the promise of settling Sde Ephraim.”