Government invests NIS 100 million in innovation hubs around Israel


The Israel Innovation Authority has joined with five governmental ministries to invest NIS 100 million (∼$27.8m.) to establish nine new regional innovation centers across the country, the authority said on Thursday.

The ministries to join the Israel Innovation Authority were the Economy and Industry Ministry, the Development of the Negev and Galilee and National Resilience Ministry, the Environmental Protection Ministry, the Agriculture Ministry, and the Regional Cooperation Ministry.

The authority stated that the goal of the investment was to foster nationwide entrepreneurship and to boost the high-tech industry in Israel’s periphery regions. The aim is that this effort will result in new startups that have strong regional ties and advance high-tech employment in their areas.

According to the statement from the Israel Innovation Authority, the regional innovation centers will focus on high-tech sectors including Agtech, Foodtech, Climate-tech, Healthtech, renewable energy, green construction, and water technologies.

The locations and the entities selected to oversee the innovation centers were chosen after a competitive selection process.

Dror Bin, CEO, Israel Innovation Authority. (credit: Hannah Teib)

“Diversity in technology, in terms of industry, geography, and demographics, is a key component of the Israel Innovation Authority’s strategy to strengthen Israeli high-tech competitiveness against other innovation hubs worldwide,” said Dror Bin, the CEO of the Israel Innovation Authority. “The centers selected in the national competitive process among dozens of excellent proposals, and in unprecedented cooperation with various government ministries, will enable the expansion of the entrepreneurship cycle and the employment of high-tech throughout the country and across all sectors, while demonstrating Israeli resilience and the ability to continue innovating, creating new growth engines for the Israeli economy.”

Each hub to receive NIS 15 million

Each hub, which will receive an NIS 15 million (∼$4.17m.) grant over a period of five years, will work with other local entities for the benefit of the region.

“The innovation centers we are establishing today, in collaboration with the Israel Innovation Authority and other partner ministries, will contribute to addressing global environmental challenges and promoting the Israeli hi-tech industry throughout the country, including in the geographic periphery of Israel,” said Environmental Protection Minster Idit Silman.

The innovation centers will create initiatives to boost technological entrepreneurship, accelerate local projects, attract new high-tech employers to the area, and provide employment, training, and internships.

The selected innovation hubs include Galileo Studio Ventures, SeaNovation Eilat, Built Environment Innovation Center, Northern Climate Synergy, Techlinic, DAROM Innovation Center, Technological Center for Security and Resilience in the Western Negev, DesertTech and Climate Innovation Center, and INNOVEASTECH.