Has the time come to give up on gel manicures?

Science and Health

In January, it was revealed that devices for drying gel polish may damage the DNA in our hands, causing mutations. According to new research, the damage seen in the remaining cells is not always repaired, causing mutations in human cells similar to those seen in skin cancer.

This study caused great concern. Yet, it should be noted that it’s been known that the radiation in these devices endangers our health. 

Watch your hands

Is it time to give up gel polish? Dr. Alex Eltes, a dermatologist, explained that the most important thing is to be aware of the risks and act accordingly. He said that women must know the risks and that the palms exposed to this type of radiation must be protected. Cover your palms with cloth gloves or liberally apply products with SPF 50 or higher.

Eltes said that if there’s a family history of any type of carcinoma you may want to consider a different manicure. Eltes said to skip the device with radiation and switch to regular nail polish that air-dries.

Person receiving a manicure (illustrative) (credit: PEXELS)

It’s not just cancer. Radiation also damages the appearance of the skin. Eltes said his directions protecting the skin aren’t only for patients who have a history or genetics of cancer of any kind, and that everybody should protect their skin from radiation because it’s harmful.

He added that gel manicures which use a drying device, over time, damage the skin’s texture and cause wrinkles and graying. Eltes attests that these devices aren’t healthy, dry out the skin and its protective barriers, and cause pigmentation damage. 

Although aestheticians have solutions, it’s crucial to avoid the machines, preserve the palms and cover them too.