Houses are frozen over near Lake Erie in New York


By centrometeoemiliaromagna / Instagram

Residents of Hamburg, New York, woke up this morning to an unusual sight. Houses along Hoover Beach were covered by ice from a formidable wave of cold that plagued the Northeastern U.S.

High winds and blowing snow has fallen around since Thursday, covering the houses in ice up to 3 feet thick.

The pictures look as if taken from a fantasy movie. Residents of the area were quick to photograph the unusual phenomenon and flood the social networks with spectacular images.

John kucko, a Hamburg resident, took pictures of the houses around the city and uploaded to his Twitter account saying: “Welcome to Narnia.”

Kucko added: “After two days of windy winds from Lake Erie, many houses built on the shore were simply covered in ice.” Ed Mis, another resident, addressed the phenomenon and said he never encountered anything that even mentions it.

“I had to escape the house through the back door,” Mis told a local news agency. “Then I had to break the ice from the front door using a hammer and scalpel.” Other residents trapped in their homes claimed that the ice layer that had accumulated on the walls of the houses was so thick that even light could not penetrate.

The local meteorological service reports that heavy snow has fallen in the western New York state over the past few days. Some argue that one of the reasons for the stormy and unusual weather is the “lake effect”, which causes the cold air to move faster over the sea due to heat and humidity emitted from the water. As a result, the clouds are thickening and snowing more heavily on the land.