How to be rich in three steps – financial expert


David Admistein, founder and consultant for Next Phase Financial Planning, shared some tips he thinks everyone should know if they want to live a wealthy lifestyle.

Admistein is an expert in helping “corporate professionals in their mid-50s and early 60s” to accumulate wealth and retire feeling safe.

Admistein told GOBankingRates that there are only three things people need to do to ensure wealth for the rest of their lives: Buy stocks and bonds, increase earning power and stay healthy.

Buy stocks and bonds

“The first key for people who want to be rich is to have a strong financial basis and buying stocks and bonds is a good way to do that,” explained Admistein. “Stocks are yielding assets that in the long term beat inflation and help accumulate wealth. Bonds can draw an income from interest and dividends and in addition, purchasing these to build a property portfolio will be beneficial in the long run by providing cash flow during retirement.”

Invest in your career

According to Admistein, taking your job seriously and investing will ensure that you are considered an asset by your employers. Doing so won’t only build up expertise but will also raise your salary.

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Invest in health and welfare

The third key is one that many people tend to ignore.

“It’s essential to invest in yourself.”

David Admistein

“It’s essential to invest in yourself,” said Admistein. “Aside from working out, learn to cook, eat healthy and take part in active hobbies and activities.

“Health is what will help you live longer and enjoy a better quality of life. It will also prevent health issues in the future that can cost a lot of money. Fewer medical bills mean your money will be more available to do with as you please.”