How to Make Moroccan Challah for Purim

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This sweet Moroccan challah, known as Ojos de Haman (eyes of Haman), negola, ungola or boyjo de Haman, is a Purim bread that’s wrapped around a hard-boiled egg. There are many Purim foods and desserts that reference Haman’s ears, eyes and generally acknowledge Haman’s evil role in the Purim story. In this dish, the egg symbolizes Haman’s eyes, and ripping the egg off the bread is like ripping off the eyes of the evil villain. Sometimes it is seen as remedy against the evil eye (tfu tfu tfu).

The baked challah can be kept in a paper bag or cloth at room temperature for up to two days.

A note on yeast:

  • I highly recommend using SAF instant yeast, which is available online and some supermarkets, and can be stored in the fridge for months.
  • If you’re using active dry yeast, start the recipe by proofing the yeast and continue as usual. When using instant yeast, you should skip the process of proofing the yeast.

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