How To Select The Best Accessories For Your Vape


By Contributing Author

When vape comes first in your mind, it is generally the feel, the emotion, and the satisfaction an inhaler gets on fulfilling his urge. However, there are elements to add fun to it. The vape accessories can make your experience better and can also make it more appealing in front of others. When you enter a vape accessory shop, it is the same as arriving at a candy shop. The various options available, the accessories, the e-liquid, and try-ons can make anyone amuse and bemuse at the same time. Therefore, we are here to suggest the best accessories for your vape. These have explicitly been handpicked, tried and tested to make your experience better

Alien Mod

The mod is the most crucial component of your vape. It has been noticed that the inhalers which use vape regularly tend to lose grip. This mainly happens with the wear and tear of the vape; therefore, the mod becomes the first accessory to be put on your vape. There are various types of options available. It can be from your favorite Marvel or DC universe to pure mat black finish. The advanced Mod has Matic finish with finger grippers and is water-resistant, which makes the vape safer for you. These mods applied to vape also give an elegant finish to the product. If you are a traveler or bag packer, you can definitely use some adjustment with it to easily carry with you while going on hikes and treks. The best and the last part about it is that it will keep your vape on a fixed temperature and will not be affected by the external temperature.

Choosing the Vape Tank

When it comes to vape, your tank is the most critical component. The tank holds the juices which give flavor to your vape and also decide the turbidity of smoke. Thus, while visiting a vape accessory shop, one should remember to keep a few points in mind while shopping for the tank. The first and most important point is checking the diameter of the orifice. The available sizes range from 0.13mm, 0.16mm to 0.25mm. These are the conventional orifice sizes in the tank. The newer versions have adjustments that allow changing the orifice size. The change in orifice size helps the inhaler to take up a variable quantity of smoke. The capacity of the tank can also be varied. This gives your vape a longer life. The larger capacity tank is costlier than conventional ones.


The batteries are yet another critical component of your vape. It is rightly defined as the heart of your vape. The battery powers your vape, which leads to the formation of smoke and the inhaling experience. Faulty batteries or easily running out batteries can be a big turn off for your vaping experience. It is always suggested to go for 1850 MAH batteries. These are lithium-ion running batteries, which have a long life and also are safe to use. Earlier the lithium-ion batteries were challenging to fetch and were costlier in comparison to dry batteries. However, these batteries are easily available in any accessory shop.

Battery Charger

If good batteries can change your vaping experience from good to great, chargers can help you to retain that experience. With the abundance of lithium-ion batteries, the battery charger has become a necessity to buy. One should keep a few points while buying a battery charger. The voltage and current level of the charger should be compatible with the voltage of your battery. Never let your battery drain, and at the same time, do not let it overcharge.

Storage kit

Now that you have gathered all the required equipment for your vaping device, it’s time to purchase a storage kit for the same. You should choose a container that can keep up with the maintenance of your device so that it can have a long life. While at it, make sure that the size of all the accessories, along with the vaping device, is suitable to be contained in this storage kit. You can also choose from a plethora of design options and handpick the one that suits your requirements the most.