Howie Mandel Rocks Tick Tok


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Howie Mandel is finding new fame as a star on Tik Tock of all Places. The 64 year old Jewish comedian talked about his Tik Tock videos with Rolling Stone Magazine. Oh, and Mandel is also in a bit of a “feud” with his America’s Got Talent co-star Sofia Vergara.

People should not be surprised that Howie Mandel is still looking for new ways to stay relevant. Like many famed stand up comedians, from Billy Crystal to Jim Carey, Mandel made the jump along time ago into serious acting.

As he explained to Rolling Stone, “I entered into the business where, for lack of better terminology, longform was all that existed. Our attention span slowly diminished. You have to catch someone with clickbait, for lack of a better term. You have to be fast and furious.”

The former stand up comic, game show host and one time star of the 1980s TV show “St. Elsewhere,” explained the importance of learning about and using new technologies and forms of media at his age.

“A lot of people my age have a tendency to lose our curiosity,” Mandel told Rolling Stone. “You hear old people say, ‘That’s not music. You should hear the music we had.’ But I’m always fascinated about not only what [young people] are listening to and what they are watching, but how are they watching it.”

“One of the things that brought Coachella to the forefront of the world knowing that name [is] they started working with technology,” Mandel says.

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“The Tupac hologram was big for everyone, regardless of whether you went or not. Beyoncé doing her performance live on YouTube. Whether it be music or comedy, people are learning they got to do something. They have to. There are different ways of capturing a wider span of the audience that’s not so localized.”

Meanwhile, Howie Mandel seems to want to be the “bad guy” judge on the amateur talent competition television show “America’s Got Talent.” He has recently been somewhat of a grump and kind of harsh on some of the contestants.

This led fellow AGT judge and former “Modern Family” star Sofia Veraga to say about Mandel, “I think he’s being very negative today.” Veraga is new to the show and Mandel may feel that she should not speak that way to or about a veteran of the show such as himself.

So Howie Mandel hit back at the rookie saying, “I have been judging much longer than you.”

He also gave a standing ovation to comic Alex Hooper. This was after Hooper insulted every judge on the panel except for Mandel whom he called “Mr. Clean.” At one point Hooper asked Sofia Veraga, “”Who did your makeup? A drunk drag queen?”

In response Veraga said, “My problem is not with (Alex Hooper). My problem is with (Mandel). The whole night (Howie’s) been so negative and suddenly (Hooper) comes and destroys us and he’s clapping?”

But don’t be too quick to buy into all of this. So called reality shows often have the stars pretend to be at odds. It makes for better ratings.

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