In overnight operation Mossad has brought 100,000 virus test kits to Israel


In the next few days, 4 million additional kits will arrive in Israel. Ministry of Health: Delay in the number of patients – due to the increase in the number of tests

In an operation conducted tonight (Wednesday night), Israel spy organization Mossad succeeded in bringing 100,000 Coronavirus test kits from abroad to allow more scanning for the deadly virus.  Channel 12 News, was first to report on the operation Thursday morning.

In the coming days, Mossad will conduct further operations which will eventually bring 4 million additional corona test kits in Israel, after being detected in several countries.

At the same time, the agency’s cyber staff is currently assisting the Ministry of Health in writing unique software and applications for dealing with the virus. This is an unusual event, in which all the intelligence and security agencies of the State of Israel are mobilizing to assist efforts to curb the spread of the virus.

Alongside the Mossad’s special operation, the Ministry of Health referred to the change in the issue of corona tests: As the number of tests performed daily increases, and at this time it is over 2,200 tests, it takes longer to get the results and to find the patients with the virus.

In parallel with the increase in the number of tests, the number of laboratories performing them has also increased – and now there are 20 active corona laboratories across the country.

Following the announcement yesterday in N12 about the missing protect for the medical teams, Defense Minister Naftali Bennett harnessed the Ministry of Defense procurement to purchase all the missing equipment from abroad. The effort also includes expanding the IDF’s staff. Bennett signed the approval order Recruit 2,000 reservists to strengthen the Home Front Command

In recent days, the defense establishment has been increasing its involvement in handling and managing the Corona crisis, alongside the Ministry of Health.

The Home Front Command now operates the hospital services for light-hearted Corona patients – the first of these: the “Dan Panorama” in Tel Aviv and the “Hyatt” hotel in Jerusalem.

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