Independence Day barbeques to be plagued by chicken shortage


The traditional Independence Day barbecue, which is one of the unofficial symbols of the holiday, will be missing its most Israeli component this year: the “pargiot” (boneless chicken thighs).

A notice received by the meat suppliers in Israel informed them that the slaughtering in the slaughterhouses will pause from next Wednesday for the duration of a week due to the proximity of the dates between the Eid al-Fitr celebrations, the holiday that marks the end of the month of Ramadan, and the Independence Day celebrations, which dramatically increase the demand for meat.

“Please note this week they are slaughtering until Wednesday. Thursday will be the last delivery goods and [deliveries] will return on the Thursday of the week after Independence Day,” read the message sent to the meat suppliers which was shown to Walla.

“There is slaughtering for the next four days (Sunday to Wednesday). From this Thursday until the Thursday after that, there is no slaughtering. Everything depends on the Eid al-Fitr holiday (if it falls on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, then there will also be [slaughtering] on this Thursday). We will receive goods to the branches until Wednesday, and if there is slaughtering on Thursday, then there will also be [a delivery] on Friday.”

Chicken Skewers (credit: ASSAF KARLA)

An official in the retail industry explained to Walla, why there is actually no slaughter for a whole week: “On Sunday there is never slaughtering. On Monday, it is unknown from the workers’ point of view whether they will come or not. On Tuesday, there is no slaughter because it is Memorial Day, on Wednesday there is no slaughter because it is Independence Day. Only on Thursday will we return to operations.”

Supermarkets warn consumers to prepare ahead of the holiday

In the Shufersal chain, for example, they were prepared ahead of time with signs in the branches, calling on customers to prepare in advance and even clarified: “We are prepared mainly with substitutes of beef and the like, which are the majority of purchases for Independence Day.”