India experiments with New Israeli technologies for instant COVID-19 tests


An Israeli delegation will travel to India to test and implement a variety of new technologies that can deliver results on coronavirus within minutes.

 Coronavirus / Israeli technologies

Four different startups that developed Israeli technologies for instant COVID-19 tests will be examined in India in the next few weeks.

A delegation led by the Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D), in the Israel Ministry of Defense (IMoD), Foreign Affairs, and Health in cooperation with the Indian Office of the Principal Scientific Adviser, will conduct final stages of testing to determine the effectiveness of a number of rapid diagnostic solutions.

Technology to be Tested in India:

Sound wave analysis: An online voice test, based on artificial intelligence, aimed at detecting the presence of the coronavirus and deterioration in the respiratory system, by analyzing the human voice only and identifying changes characteristic of the voice of a patient with the virus.

Breathalyzer (Owl) test: Terra-Hertz-waves based detection – The project to detect COVID-19 by exhalation is a knowledge-intensive and complex project that combines the state of the art in the fields of terra-Hertz spectroscopy, materials, and artificial intelligence. The aim is to be able to detect the virus and its products in a person’s exhalation after scanning and short processing at a very high level of reliability.

When the product is defined as operational, it is expected to remove significant technological barriers in the diagnosis of exhalation, which may revolutionize the world of medical diagnosis. For the purpose of the test, a sterile sampling kit was developed. The patient must breathe into the kit, after which is analyzed the presence of the virus using artificial intelligence.

Isothermal detection: A biochemical method that enables the detection of the virus in a saliva sample. An inexpensive sample kit has been developed for production, which detects the presence of the virus with the help of a chemical reaction once the content is heated at about 60 degrees Celsius.  The kit is suitable for home use and gives a result within 30 minutes.

Test Using Polyamine acids: A biochemical method that enables the identification of proteins in coronavirus products collected in a saliva sample. Using appropriate instrumentation, the sample can be analyzed in a matter of minutes.

Alternate Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz: “The entire Ministry of Defense has been mobilized to address the Coronavirus crisis. We hope that the research and development led by the DDR&D together with our excellent industries and academic institutions will lead to a breakthrough that will change the way we fight the COVID19, while giving ‘restart’ to our economy.”

Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi: “I see great importance in cooperating with India in the fight against Coronavirus. This operation conveys a message of friendship and solidarity with India. It also provides a unique opportunity for scientific and technological cooperation that can assist Israel, India and the world in coping both with the pandemic and with the economic crisis that came with it.”

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