Intel Capital Invests In Israel’s Lightbits Labs, Imperva Acquires US Company jSonar


Imperva and jSonar are both cyber security firms.

Intel Lightbits From Lightbits

Intel Lightbits From Lightbits

Lightbits and Imperva show how Israeli innovation and businesses continue to show strength in the face of a worldwide slowdown caused by the Corona pandemic. Imperva may be American but it was started by Israelis. And it has acquired fellow cybersecurity firm jSonar. Intel has entered into a strategic collaboration with Lightbits. And Intel Capital has invested in the company to fuel its continued growth.

Lightbits helps clients achieve efficiency and cost savings for their own private cloud or public storage as a service offerings. Its software-defined block storage solution, LightOS, lets customers “scale their business effortlessly, accelerate IT operations, and reduce cost – at the speed of local flash.”

“Intel is an industry leader with deep expertise in data center technologies, cutting-edge products, global sales prowess and an impressive ecosystem,” said Eran Kirzner, Lightbits Labs CEO and co-founder. “We are excited to partner with Intel Corporation, and our joint solutions will set the bar for generating new ROI metrics for enterprise and cloud customers.”

From jSonar

From jSonar

Imperva Data Security discovers databases on the network, classifies sensitive data, detects database vulnerabilities and applies security controls to data access. jSonar’s platform simplifies the process of establishing universal security, compliance and privacy controls, enabling integration with all data repositories across any on-premises and cloud environment from within one platform, while alleviating high costs and development efforts thanks to built-in automation and data-centric playbooks.

No price has yet been given for the acquisition.

“While data grows at an exponential rate, budgets do not. Our mission has always been to develop solutions that solve the full-range of challenges in data security in a way that is efficient, simple to achieve, and provides tangible value beyond compliance,” says Ron Bennatan, CTO and Co-founder, jSonar. “We are thrilled to join forces with Imperva, who have been ushering in a new age of data protection in order to make security available to everyone.”

“Enterprises have shifted focus from compliance to data security while demanding lower costs and more measurable benefits,” says Pam Murphy, CEO of Imperva. “This combination of two uniquely qualified trailblazers will signal a new approach to data security that puts an emphasis on usability and value with sustained and complete coverage for three initiatives organizations need to implement – security, compliance and privacy.”

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