Jerry Seinfeld Has a New Book Out


Is This Anything? Comes out on October 6.

Jerry Seinfeld Is This Anything? Back Cover

Jerry Seinfeld is coming out with his first new book in 25 years. “Is This Anything” is a collection of bits that he wrote down over the years and comes out next week. He plugs it on “60 Minutes.”

From Simon & Schuster, the Illustrated Edition is 480 pages long and has a list price of $35.

Boy oh boy do people need this sort of thing these days. Please Jerry Seinfeld take us away from our Covid-19 nightmare. How about a free online Seinfeld reunion like so many other shows have done lately? Or it could just be you, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Larry David, Jason Alexander and Michael Richards talking about what you had for breakfast that day. We don’t care.

This Sunday Jerry Seinfeld will appear on “60 minutes.” Some more relief for those of us whose Sukkot holiday has been ruined by another Corona Virus shutdown. CBS gave a little preview of the interview.

On his recent feud with someone who said that because of the shutdowns New York City is now dead forever Seinfeld commented, “When you were a kid, remember kicking over the anthill? That’s what just happened to us. They just kicked over the whole anthill. And what do the ants do? ‘All right. Hand me the next crumb. Let’s get back to work.”

Just a few weeks ago Jerry Seinfeld appeared at the @GothamComedy Club in New York City to fight for the #SaveOurStages Act. #SaveOurStages was created in response to beloved @NSTheatres going under and is committed to help support regional theatres during these difficult times.

He told Entertainment Weekly, “When I sat down to do the book, most of the stuff was in terrible, terrible shape. It was just scribblings that were completely unorganized. It took me months and months and months. But I remember every joke because, as a comedian, there’s nothing we care about more than the joke. When it’s life-and-death, you remember!”

About the book:
Since his first performance at the legendary New York nightclub “Catch a Rising Star” as a twenty-one-year-old college student in fall of 1975, Jerry Seinfeld has written his own material and saved everything. “Whenever I came up with a funny bit, whether it happened on a stage, in a conversation, or working it out on my preferred canvas, the big yellow legal pad, I kept it in one of those old school accordion folders,” Seinfeld writes. “So I have everything I thought was worth saving from forty-five years of hacking away at this for all I was worth.”

For this book, Jerry Seinfeld has selected his favorite material, organized decade by decade. In page after hilarious page, one brilliantly crafted observation after another, readers will witness the evolution of one of the great comedians of our time and gain new insights into the thrilling but unforgiving art of writing stand-up comedy.

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