Israeli research: 50% of coronavirus patients will have symptoms for months


Israeli research: 50% of coronavirus patients will have symptoms for months

The study was conducted by the Pulmonary Institute at Shaare Zedek Medical Center, Jerusalem, and based on preliminary data gathered from dozens of patients who suffered from Coronavirus

About 50 percent of coronavirus patients suffer from symptoms after recovering, with no relation to the severity of the disease claims a study conducted by the Pulmonary Institute, at Sha’arei Tzedek Medical Center in Jerusalem.

Most patients did not return to the state and function they had before they became ill in COVID-19, according to the preliminary results.

The research also found that COVID-19 patients in mild condition may also have long-term pulmonary damage, while those who were in severe conditions do not necessarily report respiratory difficulties after recovery, the study found.

Led research, Prof Gabriel Izbicki, director of the Pulmonary Institute said: “among the symptoms we examined, we found a general weakness in most subjects, complaints of coughing and/or shortness of breath, the occurrence of fibrosis/pulmonary embolism, obstruction, and suspected pulmonary hypertension.”

Prof Gabriel Izbicki added “We conduct comprehensive tests to prevent these symptoms and respond early. We appeal to all Corona patients who have been admitted to the various Israeli hospitals or hotels to participate in the study.”

Hundreds of other patients who have already applied for research will be examined in the coming weeks. All participants will be re-examined six months after the initial test to understand the long-term impact of the virus on the human body.

“The study is available to patients within three to six months of discharge. It is advisable to come as early as possible so that we can monitor and detect pulmonary disease early. This tracking. ”

According to widely accepted mainstream, the cause of widespread body destruction that can cause scarring and functional impairment is not the virus itself but the severe immune system response it produces called a “cytokine storm.”

Cytokines are immune mediators, responsible for white blood cells reaching the virus invasion area, causing their destruction by destroying the cells they penetrate and swallowing them with lymphocyte white blood cells. Death is thought to occur, not from the coronavirus itself, but from the same destruction caused by the immune system.

It is believed that with the infiltration of the virus, there is over-secretion of cytokines. Cytokines respond most significantly to extensive immune system activation, destroying the cells, causing blood vessels to expand, overloading the heart muscle, to the point of being unable to function and causing fatal blood clots that can cause mortality within hours.

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