Intel Israel achieves record exports amidst struggles with layoffs


Intel Israel has reported record exports of $8.7 billion for the year 2022-2023, comprising a significant 1.75% of Israel’s entire GDP and 5.5% of the country’s hi-tech exports. Despite Intel facing several rounds of layoffs in the past year, the company’s Israeli branch has showcased its resilience and commitment to the Israeli market.

According to Intel Israel’s Corporate Responsibility Report, the company also increased its purchases from Israeli businesses, reaching $3.5 billion, marking a substantial growth rate of 60% compared to the previous year’s $2.2 billion.

A key highlight of the report revolves around Intel Israel’s emphasis on inclusivity and diversity. The company has made significant strides in supporting businesses owned by women or minorities, with purchases from diverse suppliers totaling approximately NIS 1 billion in 2022. This focus on diverse partnerships contributes to the overall growth and development of underrepresented segments of Israeli society.

Approximately 40% of its employees actively participate in five employee resource groups (ERGs) — voluntary, employee-led organizations within a company that provide a supportive and inclusive community for employees who share common backgrounds, experiences, or interests.

With three research and development centers in Haifa, Petach Tikva, and Jerusalem, as well as an innovative manufacturing center in Kiryat Gat, Intel is also responsible for the direct employment of 11,700 individuals in Israel. Moreover, the company’s operations indirectly support an additional 42,000 jobs in the country, further solidifying its significance within the Israeli job market.

An Intel logo is seen at the company’s offices in Petah Tikva, near Tel Aviv October 24, 2011. (credit: NIR ELIAS / REUTERS)

As part of the company’s strategic initiative, IDM 2.0, Intel is constructing a new state-of-the-art chip manufacturing facility, Fab 38, in Kiryat Gat, with an investment of $10 billion. This project is expected to provide employment opportunities for nearly 7,000 construction workers and further solidify Intel’s position as a major contributor to the Israeli economy.

Intel says it has profound responsibility to contribute to society

In a statement, Corporate Vice Presidents and Co-General Managers of Intel Israel Daniel Benatar and Karin Eibschitz-Segal expressed their belief that the company has a profound responsibility to contribute to the society it operates in.

“Intel’s commitment to economic, environmental and social issues is our key to success and is a common thread throughout all our business activity. We will continue to develop semiconductors and additional technologies, while demonstrating our commitment to the highest ethical standards,” they said.

Bella Abrahams, Public Affairs Director for Intel Israel and Europe, highlighted the impact of Intel’s corporate responsibility efforts on Israeli society and the economy.

“Israel’s 75th anniversary is focused on unity, diversity and equality, and we are proud to be a company that does everything in its power to instill a sense of belonging in all our employees, to nurture local businesses and provide employment to people from all walks of life in Israel,” she said.