Iran says Israel-UAE peace agreement is illegitimate and dangerous


The statement to IRNA added, “The shameful measure of Abu Dhabi to reach an agreement with the fake Zionist regime (Israel) is a dangerous move and the UAE and other states that backed it will be responsible for its consequences.”

The surprising peace treaty between Israel and UAE started yesterday in a phone call with US President Donald Trump.

Israel agreed to suspend its planned extension of sovereignty over parts of Judea and Samaria to establish relations with the third Arab country. In the Oval Office, Trump suggested that “many more countries” in the Middle East will join UAE to normalize ties with Israel. “Some very exciting things including, ultimately with the Palestinians,” Trump said.

Some sources in Jerusalem and Washington said the Trump administration is in talks with one more Gulf States, probably Bahrain, to reach normalization agreements with Israel.

Until the time of the signing ceremony at the White House, the agreement will include facilitating embassies and exchanging ambassadors, trade, direct flights between Tel Aviv and Abu Dhabi, investments into the Israeli economy, and in Israel’s effort to develop a COVID-19 vaccine and cooperation in energy and water. For UAE important element in the agreement is allowing its citizens to visit the Al-Aksa mosque in Jerusalem.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wrote on Twitter: “Historical day” calling it “full peace” with “one of the strongest countries in the world.”
Netanyahu said in a statement to the nation “I have the great privilege to make the third peace treaty between Israel and an Arab country, the UAE.  Together we can bring a wonderful future. It is an incomparably exciting moment.”

He greeted Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi Mohamed bin Zayed “Salam Aleykum (and) v’Shalom Aleynu – peace unto you and peace unto us.”

Trump said in a statement posted to his Twitter account: “Opening direct ties between two of the Middle East’s most dynamic societies and advanced economies will transform the region by spurring economic growth, enhancing technological innovation, and forging closer people-to-people relations.”

The US president also said that he will make a deal with Iran “within 30 days” if he wins the election in November.

According to the president, the Iranians are “dying to make a deal,” waiting for the Democratic candidate for president, Joe Biden, “because that would be like a dream” for them.

Netanyahu remarked that the moves towards normalization were kept tightly under wraps because Iran would have liked to sabotage them.

While Netanyahu claimes he wins economic prosperity for Israel, Bin Zayed pointed to the agreement as big concessions made by Israel.
Bin Zayed tweeted: “an agreement was reached to stop further Israeli annexation of Palestinian territories. The UAE and Israel also agreed to cooperate and setting a roadmap towards establishing a bilateral relationship.”

Egyptian President Abdel-Fatah a-Sisi also called “to stop Israel’s annexation of the Palestinian Territories and taking steps to bring peace to the Middle East.”

On tweet that he said “values the efforts… in order to achieve prosperity and stability for our region.”

But, Netanyahu insists that he “did not and will not remove sovereignty from the agenda… I will never give up on our right to our land.”

According to sources in Jerusalem and Washington, agreed upon by all three sides to the use of the wording “suspend,” which implies that the pause is only temporary. It can take a long long time, if ever.

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