Iron Dome Rockets Launched at Something from Gaza


Photo Credit: IDF

Iron Dome anti-missile defense system in action

Gazan terrorists may have launched rockets from the Gaza Strip into the sea, setting off an alarm in the vicinity of the city of Ashkelon, on Thursday at 10:48 AM.

An IDF Iron Dome battery identified a target and sent out interceptor missiles, which missed their mark.


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The IDF stated that “a warning was triggered in the northern part of the area near Gaza following an incorrect identification. Alert systems operated as required, air defense fighters launched interceptions at targets in accordance with policy.”

According the Gazans, they flew a drone into Israel, over Zikim.

A video clip on social media showed the interceptors flying towards the sea. The system is programmed to send the interceptors to self-destruct over the water in an event of a mis-launch.

If there were rocket launches, it may have been part of Hamas’ ongoing tests of its weapons systems. Hamas has been working to accelerate their rockets’ flight speeds, the pace of fire and extend their range with the intent of overcoming Israel’s Iron Dome Defense system.

The Hamas and Islamic Jihad terror group carried out a 60-hour attack on Israel in May, during which they fired some 700 rockets at Israeli cities and towns.

Hamas has bragged that its new launching capabilities “can embarrass and challenge the Iron Dome system and maintain the constant fire for 30 hours.”


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