ironSource Launches New Publishing Solution LiveGames for Independent Developers


ironSource Launches New Publishing Solution LiveGames for Independent Developers

Good news ahead of its IPO.

The ironSource management team (Company PR pic)

Israeli startup ironSource, which offers a multi-media platform, announced today the launch of LiveGames, available to developers publishing with its Supersonic publishing solution. The news comes as the company plans its IPO which iRonSource believes will bring it a $10 billion valuation. The company also recently announced good results for Q1 2021.

iRonSource boasts that this new product is the first of its kind to offer developers who publish their mobile games with Supersonic, self-serve access to game management, and full visibility and transparency into a multitude of in-game metrics that enable them to better manage and grow their published games.

Founded in 2010, ionSource offers a mobile ad mediation platform, mobile ad network, and a data-driven user acquisition platform for games which it boasts closes the monetization and marketing loop to empower game developers to turn their games into successful businesses.

The company boasts that it will help users better monetize their products by maximizing the value of their traffic “with premium global demand” for their inventory. ironSource boasts that it works with the top brands and advertisers globally and that its technology “makes sure you get the highest price for each impression. Increase your ARPDAU immediately with the highest eCPMs in the industry.”

ironSource launched its self-serve testing product for Supersonic developers in 2020.

Just last week the company released Q1 results for the year which include: Revenue of $119.7 million, up 96% year-over-year; Adjusted EBITDA of $39.5 million, 33% margin; Dollar-based net expansion rate of 176%; Net Income of $10.2M.

This should help with the IPO.

The company explains that through LiveGames, developers will have access to a host of data such as: Daily, monthly and annual profit for each of their published games; Advanced analytics including retention, playtime, LTV and ad engagement for each geography and user acquisition channel; Rewarded video and interstitial ad analysis; Advanced analytics from A/B tests for test comparison; and more.

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“Our vision is to build a true partnership with our developers,” said Nadav Ashkenazy, GM of Supersonic. “In order for that to exist, developers must be empowered to take a more active role in understanding what affects their ad revenue and ultimately their game’s success, and that requires visibility into their published games’ metrics.”

“A core pillar of our philosophy is to make it as simple, valuable and accessible as possible for any developer to use our platform and grow their business. Our approach to publishing is no different. For many developers publishing offers an onramp to getting their game off the ground. But ultimately, we’re aiming to empower every developer with the knowledge and visibility necessary to improve their game, and ultimately their craft, so that they can become an independent game company,” explained Tomer Bar-Zeev CEO and Co-Founder at ironSource.

“That’s the driving force behind our technology and product roadmap, and LiveGames is a perfect example of that. We are transforming the publishing space, by ‘productizing’ what is otherwise a manual process, and creating a more efficient and transparent route to success for developers. We believe that withholding information from developers ultimately inhibits their growth and limits the potential for long-term success, which serves neither us nor the developer.”

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