S&P raises Israel Aerospace Industries’ int’l credit rating to A-


The S&P Maalot credit rating agency announced on Thursday that it is raising IAI’s international rating to A-, as the company “continues to achieve strong operating results, and its backlog of orders has reached a record 21 billion US dollars.”

Their announcement further added that “the company’s rate of output remains almost unaffected by the current fighting and call-up of reservists.” 

The authors of Thursday’s report said they believe that the stable forecast reflects their assessment that a prudent financial policy that safeguards liquidity will allow the company to maintain an adequate margin in line with the conditions that support the rating.

IAI’s CFO responds

Eran Anchikovsky, IAI’s Chief Financial Officer, related to the new rating and said, “The increase in the company’s rating, especially during a period of economic uncertainty and volatility in several economic parameters, expresses S&P Maalot’s considerable confidence in IAI’s results.”

Anchikovsky added, “The improved rating is an expression of the continued momentum and improvement in the company’s business results, the constant growth in its profitability, deepening of its operational efficiency, strengthening of its cash flow, and a significant increase in its backlog of orders.

Eran Anchikovsky, IAI’s Chief Financial Officer (credit: IAI)

These all place IAI in an excellent position from which to continue its business success.”