Israel to close Ben-Gurion Airport until end of month


Israel to close Ben-Gurion Airport until end of month

Due to fear of coronavirus mutations, the government decided to stop flights to and from Israel starting Monday midnight

Ben-Gurion Airport will completely close starting Monday at midnight until Sunday midnight, the end of the month.

The government approved tonight (Sunday) at its weekly meeting the closure of Ben Gurion Airport. The closure will be full. The ban on entering Israel includes commercial flights. For the first time in the history of the Jewish country, Israelis and new immigrants making aliyah will not be allowed in. Flights for humanitarian and exceptional needs will be approved.

“We are ahead of the whole world.,” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said during the meeting. “No country has done what we are going to do – we are sealing our skies. in this week another million Israelis will be vaccinated.”

The prime minister suggested that the finance minister will pay the difference of the individual in medical needs and the financing of tickets for citizens in the aspects of Airports Authority and airlines companies.

Israel holding a a world record with over 2.5 million people have received the first shot of the vaccine and almost 1 million have also received the second shot.

The British mutation is spreding in Israel, with between 30-to-40% of new cases last week present it. 27 cases of people infected with the South Africa variant have been identified in Israel. Health officials worry about the possible spread of other mutations.

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