Israeli cyber researcher prepared an encyclopedia for attacks and network crimes


Ophir Harpaz, 28, a cyber researcher at Guardicore has won the rising star award in the SC Magazine Reboot Leadership Awards 2019, in the field of information security.

Ophir Harpaz, a cyber researcher at Guardicore, has prepared an online encyclopedia for organized attacks on computer systems and network crimes worldwide. The guide includes information on assaults, some of which are still ongoing and some have ended, and are kept up to date at all times.

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The guide was built by Guardicore research teams based on information gained from exposed attacks, as well as a network of sensors that are key points in large systems and detect real-time hacking attempts. It includes a series of attacks designed to take control of enterprise servers in order to steal information and use it to blackmail or sell on the dark web or to enslave enterprise computers for digital currency mining while compromising their proper functioning.

Israeli researcher won international award for exposing cybercrime

According to Harpaz, the idea underlying the project is to share information with the global information security community with the idea that this is the way to deal with sophisticated and aggressive hacker attacks. Security personnel will find valuable information about each of the campaigns for IPs from which the attacks were carried out, file types implanted on enterprise computers, and more.

Ophir Harpaz, a cyber researcher at Guardicour has won the rising star award in the SC Magazine Reboot Leadership Awards 2019, in the field of information security.

The international prestigious award was given for unveiling organized attacks by hackers who have compromised computer systems around the world.

Ophir is specializing in financial malware and that she hunted banking trojans and analyzed their malicious payloads. “More specifically, she dealt with JavaScript code injected to banking web applications which were designed to steal both credentials and money from innocent end-users.” judges say.

The judging team noted the pivotal role she played in exposing cybercrimes and in collaborating with the entire information security community in the world through the measures they must take to clean up their systems and prevent similar attacks in the future.

Recently, Harpaz and the Guardicour research team revealed a number of hackers’ takeover of corporate servers for theft or use of digital currency mining. The exposures saved millions of dollars in damages to organizations. Harpaz has already attracted the attention of the global cyber community after it was announced by the Sentinel One website as one of the 21 recommended Twitter follow-ups among the world’s cyber people.

Infection Monkey

Guardicore provides another free tool, called Infection Monkey, which allows any individual or organization to run an attack simulation on a computer system to see if there are any hidden holes, without fear of damage to the system. It relies on real attacks made around the world and is constantly updated with new hackers. After imaging, the system provides several reports with clear actions to correct the problems it identified in several Github repositories.

Founded by Dror Seli, Pavel Gurevich, and Ariel Zeitlin, Guardicore develops comprehensive protection software for enterprise cloud and internal server systems that successfully operates hundreds of companies in financial, e-commerce and technology and education organizations. The company has raised $110 million and employs 190 people in Israel, the US, Canada, Brazil, India, Mexico, Western Europe and Ukraine.

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