Israeli intelligence Company is Hunting the stolen Dresden Museum jewelry


Former Israeli security services chief is reportedly helping to investigate the robbery of 18th-century jewels and diamonds from the German Dresden Museum

Based in Tel Aviv intelligence company CGI Group has been hired to help locate the historic jewels and diamonds stolen in what German media called the “largest robbery of ancient jewelry in Germany’s modern history” two weeks ago from the Dresden Museum.

The Bild wrote over the weekend: “Former Israeli Security Service Heads for Stolen Jewelry,” along with the picture of Jacob Peri the former head of the Israeli security agency Shin Bet and former Yesh Atid MK.

The company he heads CGI Group’s site promises “competitive business intelligence as the basis for making sound management decisions.” CGI recently made headlines in Israel as it hired to investigate leaks from the Blue and White Party during the election campaign.

The burglars were documented as they entered through the museum window after removing iron bars that defended it, smashing a glass display with an ax and fleeing the room with some 18th-century jewelry sets made of gold, diamonds, and emerald. By now their pursuit ended without results.

Media outlets in Germany reported that one of the options being examined was that the burglars received inside information from a worker at the Green Vault museum, in Dresden where the Saxony kingdom’s antiques and historical exhibits are displayed.

The method of operation was similar to a burglary at the Buddha Museum in Berlin about three years ago, during which the world’s largest gold coin was stolen, weighing close to 100 pounds. Apparently, the coin was sold and sold as gold in weight.

In a trial currently underway against the suspects in the act, who were caught only about a year and a half later, it turned out that one of them started working as a guard at the museum to collect information. The suspects are part of a “clan” of Arab-Lebanese origin, known  by their initial R.

The media also reported that the suspects sprayed some material on the showcase and other jewelry, apparently while trying to erase fingerprints or DNA. Police have recently offered a half-million-euro prize to those who disclose details of the robbery in Dresden, saying that it was believed four robbers were involved in the burglary.

Criticism has been criticized in Germany in recent days over the guards at the site, who was employed by a private company. The guards saw the burglary live but preferred to wait for police due to fear of confronting the robbers. Police arrived just five minutes after the call, but by then the burglars had already left the scene. Their burnt-out car was found in a nearby underground car park.

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