Israeli medical mission to Ethiopia educates on new forms of surgery

Science and Health

A delegation of six doctors and nurses from Assuta Ashdod University Hospital went to Ethiopia this week for a humanitarian mission to teach the local teams minimally invasive surgeries (laparoscopy) and open and complex cancer surgeries.

The head of the delegation, Prof. Hanoch Kashtan of the hospital’s surgical staff, said before leaving that “the fact that Israelis go everywhere in the world – Turkey, Ethiopia and any country that is needed – is a reason for feeling great pride and privilege. In Ethiopia, the goal is not only to provide medical care but also to teach the country’s medical teams to provide it.” 

They will meet with the top officials from the Ethiopian Health Ministry and, in cooperation with both the ministry and the University of Gondar, build a national training program for laparoscopic surgery.

Kashtan added that the Assuta team members bring and share the considerable experience they have acquired over the years with those population groups in the world who, for various reasons, are lacking know-how and skills.

Knowledge in this case is, in practice, saving lives. “Beyond treating people, we intend during our short stay in the country to teach the local teams how to identify and treat patients in need and thus minimize their need for outside help,” Kashtan concluded.