Israeli Startup BeamUp Raises $15 Million for Real Estate Platform


BeamUP team company photo by Ariel Efron)

BeamUP, an Israeli startup that offers an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platform that designs and manages enterprise building systems, has launched its service with a $15 million round of seed investment led by Israel-based StageOne Ventures and US-based Ibex Investors.

So we can now say that BeamUp is ready to beam us up Sotty! Oh, Wait! It’s BeamUp and not “beam us up” like on Star Trek.

There are already a number of startups in Israel Startup Nation that offer new tech to aid in real estate, whether for sales and marketing, the administration of a real estate business on any level, or the coordination of new development. For example, Home365, an Israeli startup that offers a PropTech/InsureTech residential real estate investment and property management company, raised $26 million around the same time as BeamUp’s raise. Home365 has total funding to date of $50 million.

So BeamUp is in good company, but this means that it also already has a lot of competition from other companies that have had a head start. So, what does it do to differentiate itself from all the other businesses out there?

Founded in Tel Aviv in 2019, BeamUP boasts that the company offers the world’s first automated design and lifecycle management platform for building systems such as security, IT, IoT and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.) Its patented AI technology, says BeamUp, streamlines and unifies the design, maintenance and operations processes for enterprise real estate, reducing design time from weeks to days and driving operational excellence.

The world’s largest companies work with BeamUP’s platform to design infrastructure, enhance collaboration and operate smart, safe and sustainable facilities. BeamUP’s team of architects, security, IT and other domain experts are based between Tel Aviv, London and California.

Stephane Levy, CEO and Founder of BeamUP said, “Buildings and the systems within them are as complex as cities, but the tools to design and manage them have not kept up. By introducing intelligence and historic and macro level data into this industry, BeamUP automates manual processes to prevent dangerous compliance breaches and skyrocketing costs for enterprises who manage hundreds, if not thousands, of facilities.”