Israeli startup BeeHero Helps beekeepers, Honeybees do better job


With a simple component, algorithms, and dashboard, BeeHero help beekeepers maintain hives and increase bees’ production by 30%

The honey bee is the major pollinator in nature and its impact on our lives and the food we eat is so significant that it is responsible for about a third of all the food we consume.

But in recent years, the pollination process has been hamstrung by the threat of colony collapse, killing honeybees at enormous rates, an increasingly common end to hives, sometimes by a mite infestation. Colony collapse can be detected early, from home, and can be mitigated and the hive potentially saved.

BeeHero has developed machine learning algorithms with simple, inexpensive sensors that enable hive data collection and environmental information to maximize crop yields through precision pollination services. The system offering quality assurance to stimulate full output potential during peak pollination cycles.

BeeHero enabling the beekeepers to identify and address problems quickly and efficiently. Early detection of hives problems and providing prompt response to these symptoms allows for the prevention of hives damage and improvement of hives over time.

Founded in 2017 by CEO Omer Davidi, COO Itai Kanot, a beekeeper himself, Michal Roizman CPO, and Yuval Regev, Beehero has raised $4 million seed round on May 28, and another $1 million pre-seed, one year after establishment.

“We collect temperature, humidity, sound, there’s an accelerometer. For pollination, we use pollen traps and computer vision to check the amount of pollen brought to the colony,” CEO Omer Davidi told Techcrunch.“We combine this with microclimate stuff and other info, and the behaviors and patterns we see inside the hives correlate with other things. The stress level of the queen, for instance. We’ve tested this on thousands of hives; it’s almost like the bees are telling us, ‘we have a queen problem.’ ”

All this information goes straight to an online dashboard at home, where it can be assessed, dangerous conditions identified early, and replacing or shifting efficient hives.

The company says that all data are within ground truth measurements made by beekeepers, but it can be done instantly and from home, saving them time, hassle, and cost.

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