Israeli Startup Eloops Offers An Saas Employee Engagement Platform


Eloops has released a new App.

Eloops is an Israeli startup which offers companies a better way to engage their workforces.

Based in Tel Aviv, Eloops was founded in 2017 by Idan Shem Tov, Naor David Melamed, Sharon Dayag and Tal Groder.

Eloops provides pre-made content templates, virtual activities, and gamification tools to help managers engage and align employees with culture, values, and goals at scale.

The company’s tag line is, “The employee engagement platform that works but doesn’t feel like work.”

So what does Eloops do? It offers a SaaS employee engagement provider for enterprises. This is essential these days as more firms are decentralized with contributors located in multiple locations.

Also, the Covid-19 pandemic has forced millions to work from home. But working from home causes many problems for an organization such as impersonalization. Managers need to work with people in a face to face environment in order to maintain a personal connection and video conferencing is just not the same thing as being in the same room.

Eloops states that it offers employee engagement on autopilot that allows managers to focus on their work while improving their employees’ satisfaction and retention using engagement automation tools and a variety of professional pre-made content and virtual activities.

Employees interact with the content using the Eloops app or any existing internal communications solution while engagement is measured and translated to insights, smart actions and additional content suggestions for managers to further improve their employee experience.

Eloops’ new game-from-home tool “Employee Engagement App” helps managers keep their employees in the loop and keep them connected and aligned with a company’s culture, values and goals.

The company states that it offers customers their own branded engagement app which can be ready to launch in only 48 hours and which is easy for employees to download from the app stores.

“In today’s remote workforce environment, employee engagement and maintaining a positive company culture is more important than ever,” said Idan Shem-Tov, Eloops co-founder and CEO.

“By gamifying the employee experience, we help clients motivate employees to stay connected in a way that is easy, fun and successful, while improving results and alignment with their culture, values and goals.”

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