Israeli Startup Materials Zone Offers AI Cloud-Based Materials Discovery Platform


Israeli Startup Materials Zone Offers AI Cloud-Based Materials Discovery Platform

The company just raised $6 million.

Materials Zone is an Israeli startup with an AI cloud-based materials discovery platform. The company says that its platform is disrupting the way materials-based products are developed and manufactured. Materials Zone raised $6 million in Series A funding led by Insight Partners, with participation from OurCrowd.

Founded in 2018, Materials Zone is an innovative materials informatics company which developed a unique AI cloud-based materials discovery platform designed to make the process of development and manufacturing of any physical product faster and cheaper. The company spun-out of Bar Ilan University in late 2017 and has its main offices are in Tel Aviv.

Materials Zone declares its mission to be to accelerate the advent of new technologies and to plan to accomplish this by providing a set of tools and services that harvest, interpret, and exchange materials science-related data.

“In order to develop new technologies and physical products, companies must first understand the materials that comprise those products, as well as those materials’ properties,” explained Dr. Assaf Anderson, Ph.D., founder and CEO of Materials Zone.

Dr. Anderson says that understanding the science of materials has become a driving force behind innovation, unfortunately, the data behind materials R&D and production has traditionally been “poorly managed, unstructured, and underutilized, often leading to redundant experiments, limited capacity to build on past experience, and an inability to effectively collaborate, which inevitably wastes countless dollars and man-hours.”

“The process of inventing, improving, and building new products requires first understanding the materials’ fundamental properties and the way they are processed; only then can they be systematically changed to reach the desired effect,” he added.

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“Today, for example, to develop a photovoltaic transparent window or a non-flammable, high energy density solid-state battery, tens of thousands of experiments would be necessary to find the core materials’ optimal parameters and to understand how they will orchestrate as a complete device. This process is long, costly and rarely successful. Materials Zone’s platform makes this process faster and cheaper by providing data standardization, process and workflow management tools, which enable the user to apply and use analytical and AI/ML tools to better understand their data and receive real-time guidance, thus achieving better results.”

“We are thrilled to partner with Materials Zone in its effort to provide materials scientists with tools that allow them to improve their product development and manufacturing processes,” says Daniel Aronovitz, Vice President at Insight Partners. “Materials Zone’s ability to provide solutions to multiple real-world problems and challenges in blue ocean fields such as materials informatics and industry 4.0, especially when combined with the quality of its team and its early success, affirmed our excitement to work with Assaf and his team.”

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