Israeli startup to detect coronavirus cases from speech sample analysis


Israeli startup Cordio will begin clinical trial at Haifa’s Rambam Hospital on a remote diagnostic technology based on speech analysis for determining the status of coronavirus patients


Israeli startup Cordio Medical today announced that it will begin a clinical trial on a remote diagnostic technology using AI and speech pattern sample analysis with the use of a cellular application to clarify the status of coronavirus patients.

In the trail at Haifa’s Rambam Hospital Cordio is using its novel HearO solution for identifying deterioration in heart failure patients.  This technology remotely monitors patients suffering from heart failure by collecting recordings via mobile devices. Now, the company said it could be used to help treat self-quarantined Coronavirus (COVID-19 ) who have been diagnosed and are in isolation but have not yet been hospitalized. The worldwide infections today stand at over 800,000.

Professor Chaim Lotan, Chief Medical Officer at Cordio, said: “if we succeed we will be able to set up a working system within about two months”.

Cordio’s system which can sense fluid accumulation provided pre deterioration notice concerning the condition of heart failure patients on an average of ten days prior to an acute heart failure hospitalization. It also claimed an accuracy rate of over 80%.

The system has already been proven in clinical trials of hundreds of patients at ten medical institutions, including Rambam, Beilinson, Barzilai, Hagalil, Clalit Health Services and others. HearO, hasn’t yet obtained FDA approval.

As a result of these encouraging results, the HearO system is in the process of obtaining FDA approval as a means to monitor heart failure patients in the community.

Cordio Medical was founded in 2013 by Aviv Lotan together with Peregrine Ventures, an Isreal-based venture capital fund for early-stage investments in life science. Peregrine has already completed 10 exits totaling more than $2 billion in cumulative value.

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