Israeli Startup Torr FoodTech Makes Healthy Snacks


Israeli Startup Torr FoodTech Makes Healthy Snacks

Torr boasts that its “unique” tech enables it to compose real food ingredients together in a natural, healthier and better way.

Torr is an Israeli startup which innovates food tech, using its “breakthrough” technology to develop and produces healthier and tasty snacks. SnackFutures, Mondelēz International’s (NASDAQ:MDLZ) innovation and venture hub, just made a seed investment in the company.

Go to any supermarket or pharmacy these days and you will be overwhelmed by the variety of so called health food supplements for sale. These supplements include all sort of snacks and energy bars which are marketed as a healthy dietary supplement.

But when you take a closer look at the listed ingredients of these products you will see that they usually come with added sugar. Whatever nutritious ingredients may be found in these snacks are probably negated by the added sugar which is not only fattening, but can cause health problems.

Even protein bars can come with added sugar. And these supplements are really only recommended for use by weight lifters and people who engage in weight training who need to consume large amounts of protein which their bodies crave after workouts.

Unfortunately, consumers do not always know to look for added sugars in snacks which are marketed as “healthy” options. Just think of granola bars. These have always been marketed as a healthy snack but usually come with lots of added sugar.

So what does Torr do?

Torr boasts that its “unique” tech enables it to compose real food ingredients together in a natural, healthier and better way. The company states that its solution is highly flexible, “generating infinite opportunities to create all of the snacks we can dream of.”

Torr was founded by leading food scientists and culinary experts Gil De Picciotto and Yoel Benesh, and Roy Naaman, who serves as the company’s CEO.

“Through The Kitchen’s & SnackFutures’ investment, we have the opportunity to accelerate our technology platform and expand its application,” said Roy Naaman, CEO of Torr. “We are committed to develop innovative products that are based on simple and healthy ingredients you can see and taste for consumers around the world”

SnackFutures is a key pillar of Mondelēz International’s consumer-centric growth strategy: It seeks to accelerate innovation through the invention of new brands and businesses, as well as and venture investments with start-up entrepreneurs. SnackFutures seeks to collaborate in key strategic areas of well-being snacks and related capabilities, as well as digital platforms and capabilities.

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