Israel’s Bought By Teikametrics


Teikametrics, an American company, handles marketplace optimization. is an ecommerce market intelligence solution based in Tel Aviv, Israel. Teikametrics, Inc., a Boston, MA-based Marketplace Optimization Platform for Amazon and Walmart.

Teikametrics boasts that it can ensure its clients that every advertising dollar spent on Amazon & Walmart goes to what matters most: growing your business and increasing profits.

The company says that its acquisition of Adjusti.Co will extend the functionality of Teikametrics’ SaaS platform to provide marketplace insights and competitive intelligence, while enhancing existing AI-powered advertising algorithms with proprietary data. This Marketplace Intelligence solution will be available as part of Flywheel 2.0, the next generation of Teikametrics’ SaaS platform, which is currently available for early access.

“Joining Teikametrics is very exciting for the team,” said Alon Maltzov, co-founder and CEO of “We believe that proprietary market intelligence data can be used to improve optimization for critical functions across an ecommerce business. Integrating data and applying AI and machine learning is the key to unlocking the greatest value from the millions of data points captures.”

Under the terms of the acquisition, Mr. Maltzov will join Teikametrics as General Manager of Market Intelligence, and Co-founder and CTO Or Nuri will join Teikametrics as Head of Engineering of Market Intelligence.

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