Israel’s CanBreed Perfecting Cannabis Genetics


New Israeli company CanBreed is at the forefront of new cannabis-based tech which will improve agriculture. Everyone knows that the world is moving closer to the legalization of marijuana, or at least its decriminalization. Whatever one feels about the drug, however, what is undeniable is that the plant cannabis offers many medical benefits. And it is no surprise that Israelis are taking the lead in developing new products from it.

The company’s main product is the CRISPR-Cas9 which it says will create disease-resistant plants. CanBreed boasts that its tech “offers a solution to both the growers and users of Cannabis and Hemp.” It declares as its tag line, “We perfect Cannabis and Hemp genetics for the benefit of the growers and the consumers.”

So what exactly does it do? CanBreed “perfects” Cannabis genetics thus providing growers with genetically superior seeds, which ensure standardized, high-quality Cannabis for patients, recreational users and consumers while ensuring profitability and consistency of Cannabis and Hemp cultivation operations for the growers.

Founded in 2017 by Ido Margalit and Tal Sherman, Can Breed is based in Israel’s Moshav Givat Chen. Dr. Tal Sherman is a plant scientist with MSc and PhD degrees in Plant Science from Tel Aviv University in Israel. Dr. Sherman is an expert in molecular biology and plant physiology, and has extensive R&D and plant-breeding management experience as the Stress Project Manager at Syngenta Seeds.

Ido Margalit CanBreed Website
(Ido Margalit CanBreed / Website)

Ido. Margalit is an agronomist and has an MSc in the Management of Technology from the Polytechnic Institute of NYU. Mr. Margalit has over 20 years of experience in the Israeli life science industry. Mr. Margalit was previously the co-founder and CEO of a medical devices start-up and Business Development Manager at Syngenta Seeds.

Professor Itamar Grotto, Deputy Director-General of Israel’s Ministry of Health, told the publication that he expects that exports of the products will begin gradually starting in the third quarter 2020. He said, “I estimate that exports will begin gradually in the third quarter and increase in the fourth quarter. They are expected to stabilize and be reasonable. Until then, a temporary maximum price must be reached, whether through supervision or with consent.”

The company states that its technology and genetics provide Cannabis and Hemp growers with the needed solution that maintains consistency, uniformity, and profitability of growing the raw material.

About its products from the CanBreed website:

YieldMax is CanBreed’s patented genetic-trait platform, YieldMax contains all of the agronomic traits growers need in their plants to ensure consistent, high-quality, and low-cost production at a significant scale. YieldMax is in all the seeds sold by CanBreed.

The Perfect Seed is CanBreed’s F1 Hybrid seeds are unique, as they are 100% uniform, stable and identical, thus ensuring the standardization and high quality of Cannabis raw material that the industry needs (unlike the genetically unstable and non-uniform seeds currently offered in the market).

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