Israeli startup saved China’s Lake from toxic algal bloom in 48 hours


Israeli startup saved China’s Lake from toxic algal bloom in 48 hours

BlueGreen has cleaned up toxic algal bloom the lake has been subject to for decades. All attempts to remediate the lake were unsuccessful.

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Israeli watertech company  BlueGreen has successfully cleaned toxic algal blooms in Nanhu Lake in Yueyang, China within 48 hours.

Nanhu Lake is a recreational lake, situated at the heart of Yueyang City in Hunan Province. The lake has been subject to toxic algal blooms for decades, reducing water quality to the lowest possible grade. Yueyang municipality attempts to remediate the lake from recurring algal blooms in the past 12 years were unsuccessful.

BlueGreen’s treatment followed weeks of intensifying algal blooms.

The treatment of Nanhu Lake was conducted in collaboration with Hunan-based Dahu Aquaculture Company (‘Big Lake’) a major local company that provides environmental services and was made at the request of and closely supervised by local Chinese government officials.

BlueGreen’s technology targets toxic algal blooms to eliminate them, leaving no trace in the water.

Israeli startup BlueGreen cleaned-up harmful algal in Chippewa Lake

48 hours after the first deployment of BlueGreen’s “Lake Guard” technology, the toxic algal biomass fell below dangerous levels.

The floating Lake Guard is a localized, selective treatment against harmful algal blooms and is certified for treatment in drinking water.

A Satellite imagery view confirmed the immediate and significant drop in cyanobacteria levels measured in the Lake (in-situ) that could also be observed with a naked eye.

The Nanhu Lake treatment comes on the heels of BlueGreen’s treatment of Roodeplaat Dam in South Africa (4.4 km2, ~1,100 acres) in February 2020 among others.

BlueGreen CEO, Eyal Harel said “Our technology continues to attract attention from stakeholders all over the world. The enormity of the global humanitarian, environmental and economic threats presented by toxic algae blooms is growing larger every day.”

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