Transparent Face Masks – Protection against Coronavirus


Transparent Face Masks – Protection against Coronavirus


A French company has started marketing a transparent mask that is reusable and requires only replacement of filters after 12 hours of use.

Masks protect Coronavirus but also hide the face. While some of us are quite happy with the idea of ​​being able to hide behind the mask, others – and especially the hearing-impaired population – this is a real problem that makes verbal communication difficult. Now, a new development allows us to be protected – and still seen.

Hiding the face makes it difficult to communicate with one another. For example, behind the mask, the other’s facial expressions cannot be discerned, and it is also difficult to hear and understand those in front of you without seeing the movement of the lips.

A French designer team from Civility has started making a face mask, which also allows you to see the facial expressions and protect against the virus. Features of the lower face, including the nose and mouth, are visible to others, and include. Two filters on the sides of the mouth do not hide the face as are most masks.

CIVILITY facemask

This design, known as a Smile, allows people to communicate more normally. The strap design allows for a tight mask that prevents the entry of unfiltered air. It also allows people to fit the mask precisely in front of them.

The filters inside the mask have EU FFP2 approval (a minimum filtering of 94 percent of passing particles and a maximum of 8 percent air leakage) and can be removed and replaced. Each set of filters has a service life of about 12 hours, after which they must be replaced. The rest of the mask can be reused, after cleaning or disinfecting with a 70 percent alcohol solution.

The masks are available on the company’s website, for €35 (about $40). It comes with 30 filters, enough for regular use a month.

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