Israel’s Cyberattack on Iran Port Caused ‘total disarray’, Report


Israel’s Cyberattack on Iran Port Caused ‘total disarray’, Report

Following the attack, ship traffic in the Islamic Republic was stopped for days. A western source told N12: “Iran crossed a red line” Israel had to respond to Iranian cyber attack from two weeks ago.

Shahid Rajaee Port Container Operations

The Washington Post revealed tonight that Israel had carried out a major cyber attack on May 9 in a port in southern Iran. According to the report, a source quoted in detail that the US was a partner to the Israeli attack.

The Washington Post reported on Monday that Israel attacked the port of Shahid Rajaee in the city of Bandar Abbas in southern Iran – the main port of the Islamic Republic.

Israeli N12 citing a source claiming that Israel attack was in response to an Iranian cyberattack on Israeli infrastructure two weeks ago – an attack that failed, he said.

The source said, ” The Iranians attacked water infrastructure components, but they didn’t really do any damage. They just crossed a red line and Israel had to respond.”

The same official told N12 that “the attack was on the container terminal at the port and disrupted the unloading and modification of containers from the port for several days.”

Beyond the strategic location of the attack attributed to Israel, it is also interesting because of the fact that a security incident that usually takes place on secret channels has become visible. As soon as Iran carried out the attack on infrastructure in Israel, it was legitimate to attack Iran back, and with the same weapons.

Hours after the US report, Gen. (res.) Amos Yadlin, who currently serves as the head of the National Security Research Institute and previously was the head of the military – wrote: “In the heat of the Coronavirus pandemic and the hot weather, attention is diverted from a significant event in the Israeli-Iranian conflict.”

“This seems to be an Israeli response to the Iranian attack on water and sewage systems in Israel, : he added. “The attack on the Iranian port is a powerful capability.”

The basis for export of Iranian Quds force

The port of Shahid Rajaee is the largest container port in Iran and is located about 25 km from the city of Bandar Abbas, near the Straits of Hormuz. This port is responsible for about 60% of Iran’s “Quds Force” in Revolutionary Guards.

Before signing the nuclear agreement, more than 30 international shipping lines operated at the port. The agreement between the six powers with Iran in 2015 breathed new life into the port’s operations, but their recent round of sanctions, which breaks the back of the Iranian economy, severely harms port operations.

Iran tried to hide the extent of the damage

During the offensive last week, shipping traffic in the port of Iran was suddenly and inexplicably stopped. According to the Washington Post, the computers responsible for regulating the movement of ships, trucks and goods have been disabled at once – thus creating huge loads on the cruise lanes and roads leading to the strategic facility.

A day after the attack that paralyzed shipping traffic in Iran, officials in the Islamic Republic said “it was a foreign (unknown) hacker (hacker)” who dropped the port computers. However, despite the Iranian attempt to reduce the size of the incident and possibly hide the extent of the damage, a security source told the Washington Post that the attack was “highly accurate” and said he had “utterly disrupted” the Iranian regime.