Israel’s Silentium Offers Noise Control Solutions


Israel’s Silentium Offers Noise Control Solutions

Silentium has raised a total of $63 million.

Yoel Naor CEO of Silentium Photo Ofer Vaknin

Silentium is an Israeli startup specializing in developing innovative noise reduction products and solutions for the automotive, home, industrial, medical and IT industries. The company has extended its Series D round with another $20 million of funding. Silentium has raised $30 million as part of its Series D round, and approximately $63 million in total. The latest extended round was led by Menora Mivtachim and Meitav Dash, both Israeli institutional investors.

The company declares its mission to be to fight noise pollution in all its forms. Noise pollution from hardware causes undue stress, can impair hearing, judgement and communication. In today’s market, consumers are looking for the quietest products available and noise regulators have exceedingly stringent requirements of sound compliance for product manufacturers and suppliers.

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Everyone hates noise. The worst is probably the sound from car alarms going off in the street which people usually just ignore anyway. Now imagine if you can sound proof your home. No more problems with the neighbors playing loud music, nor any complaints about you TV being too loud. Or maybe you just want to sound proof one room in the house to keep the sound in and the noise out.

Now think about all the external noise when traveling in your car. All that unnecessary honing and racket coming from other cars is a distraction.

Silentium creates personal in-car sound environments by reducing, cancelling or enhancing any sound inside all types of vehicle. Since its recent launch into automotive, Silentium has been working on several global vehicle production programs for low cost, flexible Active Road Noise Cancellation (ARNC) software integration – offering full support from planning to production stages. Already available in new cars from Jaguar and Land Rover, the broad-band ARNC technology works across an unprecedented spectrum of frequencies (20Hz up to 1kHz).

Yoel Naor, CEO of Silentium, commented: “We welcome new partners that share the same passion for acoustics and see the value in enhancing privacy and wellbeing through personal sound spaces. With this new investment, we will scale up the development and roll out of our Active Acoustics software solutions for vehicle manufacturers and automotive suppliers – especially as NVH requirements evolve in the new era of electric and autonomous mobility.”

Silentium has a solid R&D background in acoustic fields analysis in general and in Active Noise Control specifically. The company has registered patents in the field of Active Noise Control.

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