Israel’s Zaraz Offers to Speed Up Any Website


Israel’s Zaraz Offers to Speed Up Any Website

It does so by cleaning up third party add-ons, among others.

Israeli startup Zaraz can make a website 40% faster with a single line of code. It does so by optimizing how a site loads third-party tools. The company, which just raised $2 million in a round of funding, says that this results in 2x conversion rates and better SEO rankings.

No one likes it when a website takes forever to load. This can happen for a number of reasons, such as its having a high volume of traffic but a low level of bandwidth.

If you have a website, any website, then you know how important speed is. And what is always the most important thing to a website is how high it comes up in Google searches. People talk about search engine optimization (SEO), but we all know that they really mean Google optimization.

“Third-party tools have a severe impact on web performance, which hurts revenue. Even large companies with dedicated web performance teams tend to lose track of what tools they’re loading. Having the capability to manage and optimize third-party tools is a dream come true.”

There is an untold number of companies out there that promise to help a small business get more traffic through SEO. This is something needed by both information sites like this one as well as those for companies that sell a product or service. Sure, if you are Microsoft, Apple, or Coca Cola, then you don’t need to worry about that. But for the other 99% of companies out there, this is a really big deal.

And once you get the traffic to your site, you want to keep it. You need the visits to be prolonged and for people to click away on all of your sites many pages. This is true for information sites who use their number of hits a day to get more advertising revenue. But it is also surely true for anyone who is selling a product.

“Page speed is crucial for search ranking. Starting May 2021, Google is updating its algorithm to rank websites according to Core Web Vitals metrics. Don’t be left behind. Zaraz is the easiest solution to improve Core Web Vital metrics, increase page speed and win organic traffic.”

You need people to actually see what you are selling. What you don’t need is for people to quit your site and shop elsewhere because the page that they need where a specific shirt or television is listed does not load. This is where Zara fits in.

Founded in 2019 by Yair Dovrat and CTO Yoav Moshe, Zara is a graduate of the famed Y Combinator accelerator program.

Zaraz declares that it helps a company manage all aspects of third-party integration which includes implementation, performance, privacy and security, all using a single interface. It loads third-party tools without slowing down pages.

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